setting up admin structures for small businesses


more than ever entrepreneurs face the challenge of developing business models in an ever-dynamic and volatile business environment & at the same time having to establish functioning organizational structures and processes
which makes it impossible & unfeasible for small businesses to establish fully fledged back office structures. we believe the key to success lies in delegation & specialization. in our opinion founders and executives should not bother with the nitty & gritty of the accounting, controlling or hr universe - rather they should be able to do what they do best: create, innovate & lead even more we provide you - as a decision maker - with relevant analyses, facts & figures thereby assisting you in making well grounded decisions. our services & solutions are extremely affordable - tailored to save time & money for your business


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process analysis

design of admin processes tailored to your resources & needs

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independent evaluation & implementation of accounting, controlling, hr & business intelligence solutions

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accounting services

daily book-keeping & monthly closing

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hr-admin & payroll

solutions for payroll, contract management, time recording & other hr related tasks


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